Saturday, January 29, 2011

Relative Humidity

I never really thought about it before, but today it could not be ignored.
Growing up in Singapore where the average relative humidity is about 84% was... sticky, I guess is the best word. 84% is quite high, that's breathing-water high. And I love it. It feels nice and warm, because as humans we perceive the weather to be warmer if there is a higher humidity. (No I didn't make that up, I googled it with my google-fu skills)
Well, today in Las Cruces there was very low humidity. Now I know it is the desert, I can see it out my window, but seriously. And yesterday the humidity, or lack thereof, didn't really get to me even when I went on an hour and half hike way up the arroyo.

I took this picture standing in an arroyo, which basically translates to a brook, but of course there is only water in these arroyos when there has been rain, which causes flash flooding. So right now they look like dried up riverbeds. Kinda depressing, and yet still beautiful.

A smaller arroyo where Penny and I had lunch and water.

Oh yeah, relative humidity. So yesterday there was only 20% humidity, that's it.Well, today there was even less, just when I thought it couldn't get drier, it did.

5 percent. Just 5 little percentage points of moisture.

Please pass my water bottle, I'm drying out thanks. I'm like a fish on land, dry mouthed and confused. (Mom, do you like the way I tied in Fish is Fish? yeah, I thought you might)

Here is my pair of socks that I haven't been working on. But I decided to finish the puppies up, before it gets too warm to wear them.

Soon Coming!: My amazing class, and the wonderful teachers.
P.S Why is this blue? What happened?

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