Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day, New Mexico Style

When I got up on Wednesday morning, it had snowed. I was excited. I'm one of those people that loves snow. I think that if it is cold, it should snow, otherwise it doesn't need to be cold. Schools around Las Cruces, Elementary schools up all the way to the Universities, have been closed since Wednesday. Because we got snow... here's what it looked like from my door.

And another view from my door, just rotated.

And a view towards the city and the mountains, which you can't see.

And people were FREAKING out, because apparently this never happens. Here on the mesa we got about .5 inches (1.5 cms), but in town they got 2.5 in(6.5cms), and life shut down. Everything was closed down. And there were rolling black outs because El Paso electric's generators froze, yeah, they are made to withstand 115 degrees F, not single digits.

And these pictures because my brothers wanted to see Oma Ana and her fire over the last weekend.