Saturday, March 19, 2011

Isn't it amazing?

Bisquick now makes Gluten Free mixes. Alright the masses may not be super excited, but I am. Ana found this at the commissary. Isn't it a great find?

I did make pancakes last night, just not with this mix because I already have one open. Pancakes with banana and fresh raspberries for the win!

What's been going on?

What has been going on you might ask, as I haven't updated in over a month.
Well, there's school, school, school... and oh, look at that more school.

In graduate school we just finished midterms. They went well for me. And we are now on Spring Break. In Elementary schools, all the kids are sick and ready for the week off. Seriously, herding cats into bags would be easier somedays.

Besides papers, observations, presentations and such, I finished my shawl.
Pattern: Whippoorwill
Yarn: Fresh from the Cauldron's Elena on Silk Sock (pinks)
Regia Black Sock Yarn
Start to Finish: About a month.

What a lovely sideways picture. That's how it is going to stay because I've fixed it a bunch already, not doing it again. Just tilt your head to the left.... that's it. Super easy. Thanks for playing along.

Yesterday the fabulous Miss Penny and I went for a car ride. She loves car rides. She sticks her nose out the window and sniffs and barks at other dogs, some people, and horses. Apparently those four legged beauties are just too big for her liking. And the main event of the day, was an ice cream stop at Caliche's.

When we got home is ran around outside and then flopped on the bed.

You might notice a few things on the bed in the background...

Her treasures and bones. Penny has, count 'em, 6 milkbones. She has a tendency to horde them, which is better than burying them for weeks and then digging them up and they are all half decayed and nasty.

And my car. It is a Toyota Carolla, or however you spell it. I have finally given a name to this baby. May I present Dean, a beautiful dark emerald green that runs wonderfully, drinks oil like a fish dirinking
water, (we're working on the AA meetings for Dean, k?) and surprisingly good sound system and aircon. He got a bath last week so I should show you him all sparkly, but I'll include a before picture now and an after picture at a later time.