Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enrich the Kids

Enrich the Kids is an awesome program for students to go to after school. They get a chance to take a bunch of different enrichment classes, work on homework and play outside.
The classes that I am offering are Kids with Yarn (a knitting/ crafts with yarn class), Multicultural Crafts and Drawing. This session there are only 5 weeks. That means there is only one week left. Waaahhh! Then I won't get to see my wonderful kids. Boo.

Here is the weekly lineup for each class

1: Perspective
2: Textures
3: Shapes in 3-D
4: Still-life
5: Mini-booklet and Life Drawing (no nekked people, k?)

1: Fingerknitting
2. Spoolknitting
3: Pom-pom chickies, and we got to see some day-old live chickies too.
4: Loom knitting
5: Hand knitting (regular knitting)

Multicultural Crafts
1: Native Latin American
2: Carnival
3: Africa
4: Australia
5: Asia

And on the graduate school front...... FINALS are DONE!!! boo-ya!
So tired... must go and clean.
Only 6 days til Thailand.

You may also be wondering if I have finished any new knitting projects, and well, I have but it can't be shown on here because it is for a certain Mom in my life. And even though I finished the project weeks ago. I have failed miserably in sending it out. I know, worst daughter ever.
No I take that back, just terribly busy daugther how took the time to make her awesome Mama a project out of a ton of purple lace weigth Merino/tencel yarn. And it only took me a couple of weeks, yeah, I the knitting bomb.

I am almost finished with another large project that should be blocked and photographed before the flight westward.