Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's snowing again. Hallelujah!!! Sneeuw = Dutch snow
I was really hoping it would snow again this season, and the Netherlands has not let me down. Check it out.

I went to feed the birds. "Feeeeeed the biiiiiirds. Tupence a bag".... I know. But I had to go into that song. It just felt right. Anyway, I technically feed the gulls, ducks, geese, pigeons and loons (I think that's what they are... oh well.)

These gulls kept amassing on the railing. Like I was going to feed them more. Slowly moving closer and closer into my line of sight. But "I already feed you on the other side of the pond birdies." Sheesh, greedy birds. Actually, when I was down at the other end, they were mostly just flying around me.... kinda had a "Birds" moment there. o_O

This goose, the leader of the pack.... oh I think I feel another song coming on.... "That's when I feel for, the leader of the pack." And I'm back, this goose was a right old grump. Didn't hiss at me, but would hiss at the other six(?) geese for just looking at the food, Which in turn cause him to miss a bunch of food. I had to put him in his place a few times. Anyway, aren't they cute. One big happy family. (Ohhh, another song) "We're one big family, partners in charity and we'll go far, yes we all live happily...."
And a beautiful picture of Dusseldorf with snow from the earlier snow this year.

And I forgot to add these typically Dutchie ice skating pictures.

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