Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home and the LYS

A wonderful week at home with the family. Got to celebrate my birthday with everyone while I was there, which is always wonderful. Didn't get very much work done just so reading, so I came back to Utrecht. But still a week break is not so bad and there was gluten-free cake (always good).
But before I left Dusseldorf, we went to the LYS. First time that I have been there in 5 years. And let me tell you Woll Duo has great great yarn, and sale yarn. And a nice lady at the store. woohoo. I got sooooo much yarn.

Just a smattering of the pretties! A bunch of these were one offs hence the sale. It is really hard to do much with one skein of yarn. These are probably my fave. Cotton and Polymid. GGH Tara. Beautiful to work with, and beautiful project. Have made scarf from these. Will up load soon. I hope.

No, it isn't all for me. Yes, I will make you something. Yes, I am seriously considering crocheting as a business or, you know, selling crochety stuff. No, you can't touch my yarn. :)

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