Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Phone in the Canal Experience

So, a wonderfully eventful day. I dropped my phone in a canal. Now you would think, oh, its the Netherlands, people must have that happen all the time.... well, no. They don't because they are "used to the canals". Right, and I dropped my phone in the canal because I'm not used to it.
No, I just drop stuff a lot and it happened to bounce into a canal. You would also think there was also a good chance of a guy being around to help a damsel in distress, but no. So, I found a ladder (20 footer, I might add) carried it to the canal, lowered it down, and climbed down it. Now for the tricky part. I took off my shoe and rolled up my pant leg so that I could get further down to bend over and reach it. Well, then I had to take off my sweater so that I could reach the phone without getting that wet. Thank you ballet for my wonderful sense of balance. Stretch.... and success!!
Then I step up with my right leg, but not far enough, into the water, shoe and all, it goes. So I climb up with a soaking foot, sweater in my mouth and in jeans and a sleeveless shirt in 50 degree weather. Then lift the wooden ladder from the canal, carry it back to the place I borrowed it from (one shoe on, one shoe off and without a sweater). And, happy to say, the phone works!!! But I am going to let it dry for a while, just to be safe.
You would think I would be in a terrible mood. But I am actually very happy, I got my phone, it works. A little cold. But all in one piece. It is an experience that I will never forget!
Now I can say I am a Dutchie. How many other people can say that they have been in a canal?

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  1. Hee hee hee ho ho ho hee hee ho ho hee ho hee ho, sorry it happened to you honey but so wish that I had a camera of you on that ladder. Well done on getting the phone back. AND IT WORKED!!! Poor thing